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The Latest #MeToo News from South Korea

August 02, 2018

'My life is not your porn': South Korea's war against spy cameras and sexual harassment Community cam-hunter squads now conduct electronic sweeps of public spaces It has been an excruciatingly hot summer in South Korea, but those heading to the beach or the swimming pool to relax may find themselves burned by something else - [read more]

What Happens When there is a Sexual Assault on an Airplane?

February 28, 2018

We live in a global economy where international travel has seemingly become the norm. Airlines from all over the world carry passengers, not only from their own home countries, but also from their neighboring or distant foreign countries. With millions of international travelers on board, it is not uncommon to encounter unruly passengers displaying unacceptable behavior. But what happens when a passenger is accused of committing a crime, in particular sexual assault?